Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Letter To My Step Daughter

Today is Tuesday. My favorite day of the week. All week long I look forward to our time together. I love our family day. We have settled into a comfortable little routine. Homework, reading, family dinner, watching the shows we saved for you on the DVR, playing a game... and now with the weather is cooling down- bring on the bike rides and walks around our neighborhood! But you want to know a secret?

My favorite part of Tuesdays is the hour that's ours. Just the two of us.

I love how Sonic Happy Hour is our tradition.

I love hearing all of the million little details of your day, your weekend with your mommy, whats new with your brothers and sister, what you did in class...

I love how I'm the first one on Tuesday that gets the story of your day. I love going home and telling your daddy to ask you about a story I already heard.

I love how you hurry to get in the car and start talking the minute the door opens.

I love seeing how excited you get to see your daddy as we get closer to home. And how without fail you always ask if daddy will be beating us home today.

And don't tell Daddy- but I what I love the most is not having to share you for that hour. I love having time that's just ours. So if on Tuesdays I don't seem to be in a rush to get you home... now you know why.